Get the step-by-step system to build strong hips, a responsive core, and happy knees with our easy to follow program.

Gain stability. Build Strength. Add power.

The biggest mistake you make when returning to impact based exercise? You do too much, too soon, too fast. And this leads to injuries, tension, pain and frustration as you have to stop and start over and over again.

Physical and mental challenges in your life can take you away from exercising consistently. But when you're starting to feel that itch to move again, how do you even start? 

Do you strap on your running shoes and wiggle into your old sports bra and head out for a run? Do you show up to the ski hill or soccer field without any thoughts of physical rehabilitation or preparation?

Yes, yes you do. We humans do this often. And this is why so many of us do not successfully return to impact based activities like running, jumping and sport after birth, injuries, major life stressors and accidents.

And as a result of returning to impact without a proper plan in place...

But what you’re really looking for is... a step by step blueprint to build up your strength and stability, to gradually add load and intensity to your workouts and to have guidance on that journey. You want to feel excited and supported on your return to impact, not fearful. 

This is exactly why I created the Return To Impact program. My clients and I needed a guide to walk us through this process, and now you can join us, too.




A 6 week online exercise program to return to impact based activities like running, hiking and sport with power, passion and purpose.

What Our Participants Are Saying...


"This program is like nothing I've ever tried before! I can already feel my hamstrings and glutes 'doing their jobs' when I'm running like I've never felt before! And I've been running for 15 years."

- Britt T. 



"I loved that you anticipated when some activities might be too much and offered lower impact versions. There was nothing I wasn't able to do because you always included an alternative if it was too much for my sore knee. It felt like I was doing physio and working out."

- Cindyl A. 



"At 9 months postpartum after a c-section, it felt like the perfect way to get my body used to the idea of impact again. I feel ready to take on a gradual return to running program!"

- Caitlin B. 


Hi girlfriend!

I’m Lana Osborne-Paradis, your fitness trainer and compassionate coach here at Blast Fitness. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years, and have helped hundreds of women reach their health + fitness goals. Nothing has challenged me more than my own Return To Impact after a car accident, grief and two challenging pregnancies and births. 

Training and nutrition are my passion, which is why I have a degree in Exercise Science and multiple post-graduate certifications to my name. But more important than the paper certificates are the experiences I've had in helping other women safely build up strength and stability to return to more impactful and athletic activities.

My GOAL is to help women feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in their bodies, and I've created the 6 Week Return To Impact program as a guiding light to help you return to the movements that make you feel more alive. 

When you join

The 6 Week Return To Impact program, you’ll receive the following goodies:


Lifetime access. prices listed in CAD.

I fully believe in this program and have put my training and experience to use in creating the classes, workouts and resources. All I ask is that you give your best effort in completing the suggested program. If you’re not happy in the first 30 days I’ll give you full refund. That's right! No questions asked! Just contact our team and we'll issue a full refund.

After I Sign Up

For The 6 Week Return To Impact program, what's next?


You’ll be directed to the cart where you’ll secure your investment in the Return To Impact program.


You’ll receive an email confirmation with your login and password to access the Return To Impact course.


You’ll get instant access
to the program contents including classes, homework and bonuses, so you can start right away.


You’ll take the first steps to return to impact in a safe and gradual manner.
Adding more dynamic and impact based movements into your life isn't only about 'keeping up to your kids and grandkids'. It's about your joy. You deserve to have a body you love on the inside and outside... You don’t have to deal with the constant aches, pains and fatigue. You CAN feel strong, capable and powerful in your bodyand empowered in the activities you love.

Just ask our participants...

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you’ve got questions. I’ve got the answers!

To complete the Return To Impact classes and homework you will need a single dumbbell from 10-20bls, a mini band, a lacrosse ball, a yoga block or rolled up bath towel, a mat, and an exercise bench or sturdy surface like an aerobic step, stair or box.

The time commitment for this program is 1 x 45 minute follow along class and 2-3 rounds of the 15 minute homework flow each week. You have lifetime access to the course, and all classes are pre-recorded. 

Yes! While the Return To Impact program is about preparing our bodies for a general return to impact, we do a number of running/walking/hiking specific exercises. You'll also receive our 5 Week Return To Running Plan in week #6. 

Yes. This program is not specifically for returning to running. Many of our course members have returned to x country skiing, hiking and other more dynamic exercises like jumping jacks and squat jumps with less pain, and more strength and stability. 

After you have been cleared by your doctor and/or a pelvic floor physiotherapist to return to exercise, then yes, you can join in this program. It will guide you in progressively returning to more impact based activities. 

This is a pre-recorded program you can do at your own pace. Ideally you'll complete the program in 6 weeks, but you can take longer than that if you like. You'll have lifetime access to the program, so you can come back to it again and again.

Please be sure to get cleared by a physiotherapist before starting this program. This is a return to exercise program that blends rehabilitative type movements with strength and stability training. We follow a progressive plan to return to more loading, safely. 

Yes. This program uses minimal equipment and can be performed in a small space. 


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