Hey, Friend!

If there was a space where you could prioritize your own health, fitness, and mental/emotional well-being, without all the shame, guilt, & judgment that typically comes from diet culture & the fitness industry...

… that would feel like a dream come true, wouldn’t it?

Welcome to The Blast Fitness coaching Club

(You’re going to LOVE this!)

A virtual gym membership for women like you who want to ditch diets & restriction for a long-term, sustainable approach to health & wellness, so you can feel strong, confident, & capable in your mind, body, & soul for life.

“Since joining the coaching club almost a year ago, I have become more consistent with exercise, eating healthier and have way more energy! In the past I was hit and miss with workout programs and nothing ever seemed to be consistent. I just love this program!”
Member Since September 2020

This is exactly the kind of space incredible women like you & I have cultivated inside of...

Get fit on the inside & out in a supportive, nonjudgmental, stress-free environment

Our next registration will be in January 2021

It’s no secret that women face a ton of pressure to do, be, feel, and look a certain way… no matter our age.

The pressure we feel each and every day from diet culture and the fitness industry seems to live everywhere too—social media, magazines in the check-out line, our food packaging, and even our friends and family.

Being surrounded by this constant messaging is definitely exhausting, and still, it can feel impossible to not listen or believe it sometimes, especially if you’re not super comfortable or confident in how you feel in your body.

But the thought of following another diet or strict exercise program is exhausting.

Maybe you’ve tried a handful (or a couple handfuls) of diets, detoxes, quick fixes, and workout programs in the past. If you have, you’re certainly not the only one.

And maybe you saw and felt some results from some of the things you’ve tried, too. But the thing is, these programs, diets, regimes, and ways of living just aren’t sustainable, let alone enjoyable or realistic!

So even though you may have experienced that most diets and exercise programs don’t actually “work” long-term, it’s tough to not fall back into the allure of their promises when you still want to look and feel better not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

Making the time to prioritize yourself is almost always easier said than done too, isn’t it?

Whether you’re a spouse, a parent, a caregiver, a business-owner, work full-time, or a combination of these things, life is BUSY, and never really seems to slow down.

The constant go-go-go and jam-packed schedule can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depleted, and burnt out—like we don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to ourselves and our own well-being.

But if you’ve been stuck in this pattern for a while (months? years? decades?) then you know and feel that no matter how hectic day-to-day life may be, it’s time to shift the focus back on your health, fitness, and well-being—so you can actually enjoy life and the way you look and feel again!

If you’re ready to...

… all while being held in a supportive community of like-minded women, free of judgment, shame, and guilt—then I’ve got just the thing for you!

Blast Fitness Coaching Club is only open for enrollment two times a year for January 1, & September 1 start dates.

“Besides becoming a part of a community of strong, supportive and like-minded women, the most valuable thing the Blast Fitness Coaching Club has given me is a set of tools. I learned how to eat smarter (without having to cut out chocolate), how to exercise smarter (sometimes in only 20 minutes!) and how to be compassionate with myself. Because of Blast Fitness I am now hooked on lifting heavy and getting sweaty, and feel strong inside and out!”
Member Since May 2014

You can have a rock-hard 6-pack, a bootylicious behind, and beautifully chiseled shoulders, but how much does any of that truly matter if you’re not feeling your best on the inside, as well?

Yes, Coaching Club is about building stronger muscles and feeling more confident about our outer appearance, but it’s about SO much more than that, too.

It’s about caring for our mental and emotional health.

It’s about unlearning the harmful narratives we’ve been told by the fitness industry and diet culture.

It’s about finding our flow in how health and wellness can work best for our unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

It’s about showing ourselves grace, compassion, and learning how to have FUN and enjoying movement and nutrition.

It’s about becoming a wholeheartedly healthy person on the inside and out!

Let me fill you in on a little secret…

You are already an expert in your mind and body—even if it doesn’t feel like it! We’ve been told to believe that there are other “experts” or “authority figures” out there who hold more knowledge and expertise in our bodies than we do, but that will never be the case.

You already hold all the wisdom you ever need about how to care for your mind, body, and soul.

… but sometimes, we could use some support, guidance, and a warm space to be held as we re-learn how to listen to our body’s wants and needs.
(Psssttt—that’s where I come in!)

Hey girlfriend!

I’m Lana Osborne-Paradis, your fitness trainer and compassionate coach here at the Blast Fitness Coaching Club. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 15 years and have a deep love for supporting go-getting (yet overwhelmed) women to redefine their relationship with fitness and food.

Training and nutrition are my passion, which is why I have a degree in Exercise Science and multiple post-graduate certifications to my name.

My goal is to teach women the tools they need to cultivate a life of sustainable, wholehearted health & wellness so they can feel fit and confident on the inside and out.

Inside of the Coaching Club, I offer gentle support and guidance in helping hundreds of women overcome perfectionism, self-doubt, and overwhelm to live a life where all of these things are possible.

Become the most wholeheartedly healthy version of yourself in a supportive space free of shame, stress, guilt, and judgment.

Built on the Functionally Fit Framework™

The Functionally Fit Framework™ is the signature framework created based on my 15 years of training, education and work experience in the health and fitness industry, supporting hundreds of women to become more wholeheartedly healthy individuals.

As a member of the Blast Fitness Coaching Club, I will support you in finding your unique way of learning and implementing the Functionally Fit Framework™ into your routine to create sustainable habits and results that work within your life — rather than completely moulding your life around your fitness and nutrition.

Take a peek inside the Functionally Fit Framework™:

Phase 1

Consistent Exercise

- Get sweaty with your first 30-day strength training plan and twice weekly live workouts (a member fan favorite!)
- Implement our foundational club habits using our Club Accountability Tool

- Make monthly + yearly goals and track using our Club Calendar
- Learn how to exercise efficiently for more muscle definition

- Personalize your program based on your goals and needs
- Uncover what works for your unique personality & lifestyle

Phase 2

Nourishing Nutrition

- Unlearn the old, unhelpful dieting mindset
- Build new, specific eating habits to support your goals

- Learn how to fuel your body post-workout
- Access hundreds of recipes in our recipe vault

- Tune into your own body’s hunger and fullness signals
- Gain trust in listening to your body and responding with your health and enjoyment in mind

Phase 3

Master Your Mindset

- Ignite your self-belief to make your well-being a top priority
- Learn to manage your time and build better boundaries

- Kick perfectionism to the curb and implement your new habits for months and years
- Adopt a low-stress strategy for long term exercise and healthy eating consistency

- Craft your mindset to act on your new-found knowledge
- Get support as you work your functionally fit plan

Phase 4

Implementation & Integration

In the fourth and final phase of the Functionally Fit Framework, you’ll spend three solid months exploring how to implement and integrate these practices into your everyday life. I’ll be there to support you in fine-tuning as you go (and learning how to make adjustments well into the future) to ensure you’re able to create a sustainable framework for your everyday life, for the rest of your life!

“I love getting my new workouts each month, watching the videos on how to do all the exercises and then diving in!! The encouragement from all the members on our Facebook group is outstanding!!”
Patti Barr
Member Since July 2014

When you join the Blast Fitness Coaching Club,
you'll receive a new training plan every 30 days, PLUS...

Andddd, there’s more where that came from!


“I am loving being a part of the Club. As an older participant this club was a part of a Covid experiment to find an exercise program to replace my gym routine. Wow it has become so much more than that. How fortunate was I to find such a multifaceted exercise, nutrition, motivational program! Lana’s energy, enthusiasm, humour and up to date knowledge of exercise science is an important part of all of this."
Member Since January 2021

With all this content, you’re probably wondering...

“WOW, Lana! There’s clearly a lot here, and no detail left behind. So what’s my investment?"

Here’s what it looks like if you buy each piece individually:

Total Value: $7,750!

Regular Price: $997/year

All of this for just $697 CAD/year!!!

Or, a 4-month membership of $297 CAD every 4 months (can be cancelled after first 4 months)

Why the incredible value? Simply put, because I’ve lived through the ups and downs of trying to create a consistent and sustainable relationship with food and exercise, too.

I remember exactly what it feels like to put all of your mental energy into your health and fitness goals while trying to live a full and meaningful life. It’s not always easy (and most always never fun) to do it alone, so I want to give you the blueprint and support alongside myself and other incredible women.

I believe that our efforts should leave us not just feeling more comfortable in our bodies, but also with the confidence and capability to build a blueprint that we can adjust and sustain to fit within any season of life.

That’s why I started the Blast Fitness Coaching Club in 2014, so you can overcome the struggle of creating healthy habits to make an impact that lasts—all at an affordable price point.


Your Investment

Yearly Plan

One-Time Payment of $697 CAD/yr.

BEST VALUE! Save $200

4-Month Plan

$297 CAD every 4 mo.

*Cancel anytime after first 4 months

"I have been unlearning the 'go big or go home' approach to fitness and nutrition. I now focus on the approach of 'doing something is better than nothing', and by squeezing in frequent short workouts/movement and focusing on improved eating habits instead of a restrictive diet I am more consistent than I have been in many years. It's less stressful and more practical and it's creating a lifestyle that is much easier to maintain.”
Member Since January 2021

Blast Fitness Coaching Club is not another diet or workout program that leaves you wondering, “Now what?

If you’ve been down the road of 80-day obsessions, 21-day detoxes, and quick fixes, then you know that they’re not sustainable or realistic for a lifetime of feeling comfortable and confident in your skin.

Not only that, but they often fail to take mental and emotional well-being into consideration in the process.

To truly be the healthiest and happiest woman you can be, we need to be prioritizing MUCH more than just our physical appearance. We also need to give plenty of TLC to our mindset, as well as learn how to practice self-compassion and grace along the way.

Why? Because life moves in seasons, and for your health and fitness routine to truly become a long-term part of your everyday life, it has to be about more than just the physical results.

It’s about learning how to move in a way that works for your body and lifestyle, nourishing yourself with foods you enjoy and that make you feel energized, and feeling confident to make adjustments as you go to accommodate different phases of life.

"Lana is the best! I love everything, and greatly appreciate (but how do you do it exactly?) your responsiveness to our questions. I was given modifications, offered replacement exercises, and received answers to my questions, all in a very efficient way that made me feel like I do, indeed have a personal trainer - albeit located on another coast.”
Marta Bladek
Member Since September 2016

Here’s what our members are saying...

“What happens once I sign up?!”

Ready to join Blast Fitness Coaching Club? Awesome! Enrollment opens 3x a year (2–3 weeks before our Jan. 1, May 1, Sept. 1 start dates).

The Enrollment Process

Sign up for the waitlist for next enrollment! Once enrollment is open, you will receive an email once doors open.

When you click to enroll, you’ll be directed to the cart
where you’ll secure your investment in the Coaching Club.

You’ll receive an email confirmation
with instructions
on how to set up your login and password for the Coaching Club membership site.

You’ll get immediate access
to our 5-Day Jumpstart Program & Sneak Peek Workouts.
You'll start your first 30 day workout plan on the 1st of January, May, or September—depending on your enrollment period.

You’ll join hundreds of women like you in our supportive, judgment-free space
who will be alongside you in your health and fitness journey.

“My favourite parts of the coaching club are the recorded and provided workouts. Sometimes I just want a list of exercises to do in front of the TV, other times I want to follow along while she tells me exactly what to do, and I have access to both all the time! I also love the calendar - it keeps me accountable. Writing down when I move my body really helps me be consistent and feel a sense of accomplishment, even if I never share it with anyone. To be honest, it also motivates me to move my butt if I’ve missed a couple of days.”
Member Since September 2020

Here's What To Expect As A Blast Fitness Coaching Club Member



100% Money Back Guarantee (YEP, I said it!)

I fully believe in this program and have put my training and experience to use in creating the workouts, recipes, and resources. All I ask is that you give your best effort in completing the suggested program!

If you’re not happy in the first 30 days I’ll give you a full refund. That's right! No questions asked. Just contact our team and we'll issue a full refund.

You deserve to have a body and mind you love on the inside & outside.

And I believe that you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to make huge sacrifices to make it happen. Because, let’s be honest—not all of us have the luxury (or even desire) to completely uproot life as we know it to shift all of our time, focus, and attention on our wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

HOWEVER, we do have to intentionally make ourselves more of a priority again to look, feel, and live more comfortably and confidently.

Blast Fitness Coaching Club is not a diet, 30-day challenge, or a quick fix. It’s a membership that will equip you with...

And in case you missed it, you'll also get ALL of this:

… at an incredibly accessible price point!

" As a woman who has done fitness classes since my 20’s, I’m in my mid 60’s now, Lana’s coaching club program has changed my attitude towards my body plus given me more confidence in accepting things I saw as “flaws”. I am stronger physically than I have been with any other fitness program I’ve ever done (and there’s been a few). Also that I have a much more defined waist and arms - not from dieting - which I don’t do, but from the exercise program.”
Member Since September 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got the Qs, I’ve got the As!

To complete the Coaching Club workouts you will need a variety of dumbbells, a mini band, a large exercise tubing or super band, an exercise ball, a mat, and an exercise bench or sturdy surface like an aerobic step, stair or box.

The time commitment for this program is 3–5 workouts per week, plus stress-reducing activities like slow outdoor walks and mobility stretch flows. You can modify the program as you need, but you’ll see best results with strength training at least 3 times per week.

Yes! Many of our members are runners and cyclists. They enjoy the muscle-building, injury-preventing benefits of our strength workouts. We work to personalize your training schedule via our private Facebook coaching group.

We have sample meal plans to help you begin to craft a way of eating that works for your lifestyle, preferences, and personality. We do not have specific, personalized meal plans. The Coaching Club is about creating the mentality of eating healthy for life. We do not follow specific diet dogma, and instead work at providing you a variety of tools to kick cravings, have more energy and balanced hormones.

Yes. A number of our members cannot eat gluten, dairy, or other foods. The recipes are not all gluten and dairy free, but many of them are. We focus a lot on mindset as it relates to nutrition to help create lasting healthy habits and less binge-ing.

Yes! Many of our members work one-on-one with a trainer i-person or are members of a gym. The Coaching Club program is a great additional benefit to these services as we work on nutrition, training, and mindset. You’ll have access to workouts for home, travel and the gym along with recipes and tons of learning opportunities to help you get more results.

Yes! About half of our members do their workouts from home with minimal equipment.

You can cancel your 4-month membership after the initial 4 months of your commitment are up. Or, if you’re loving it, you can continue on! The yearly membership option can be cancelled after the first year.

The Club is open for enrollment only 3x per year for a Jan. 1, May 1, or Sept. 1 start date. You can join the waitlist at any time to be notified when doors open.

When time comes for you to enroll, here’s how it’ll work:
1| You’ll be directed to the cart where you’ll secure your investment in the Coaching Club.
2| You’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to set up your login and password for the Coaching Club membership site.
3| You’ll get immediate access to our 5-Day Jumpstart Program & Sneak Peek Workouts. Your first month of content arrives on the 1st of September.
4| You’ll join hundreds of women like you in our supportive, judgment-free space who will be alongside you in your health and fitness journey.

How could your life change if you took a wholehearted approach to health & fitness?

I believe it could change in so many beautiful ways—ways that you maybe never even thought of before.

Sure, you may lose weight, or you may not. But there’s also so much you can GAIN.

More strength.
More energy.
More brainspace.
More ease.
More self-compassion.
More LIFE to live.

Walking you through the steps of creating a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food and exercise is my life’s mission. I know this journey is life-changing, and I’m so excited for you to join me.

Your cheerleader,
Lana Osborne-Paradis


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