A Body + Mind Program That Builds Sustainable Fitness Results That Last

It’s time to make you and your body a priority again.

You want to have a body that is STRONG and see your AMAZING muscles. You want to feel confident in your clothes and free of the negative body image that feels all too familiar these days.

But now? Now you feel tired, overwhelmed and unmotivated.

But what you’re really looking for is... the lifestyle blueprint to see your amazing muscles, to finally find balance with healthy eating and to kick your cravings. You want to feel much less stress and overwhelm on your health and fitness journey.

You can do all of this with a fitness, nutrition and mindset program that prioritizes YOU. A program that holds your hand on the ups and downs of your journey, guides you to deal with stress powerfully and teaches you how to lift, eat and think sustainably with your whole health in mind.

Welcome To The

An online monthly fitness and nutrition membership program you can do from home or your public gym to help you craft a BANGIN’ BODY, learn simple and TRANSFORMATIVE eating and exercise strategies, and boost your CONFIDENCE and ENERGY to enjoy LIFE with your friends and family.

What Our Members Are Saying...

Hi girlfriend!

I’m Lana Osborne-Paradis, your fitness trainer and compassionate coach here at the Blast Fitness Coaching Club. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 15 years and have a deep love for converting high functioning but overwhelmed women into consistent, purposeful exercisers.

Training and nutrition are my passion, which is why I have a degree in Exercise Science and multiple post-graduate certifications to my name.

My GOAL is to help women feel FIT and CONFIDENT on their health and fitness journey, and I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome perfectionism, self-doubt and overwhelm to craft the body and mind of their dreams.

Why? Because I’ve lived through the ups and downs of trying to create a consistent and sustainable relationship with food and exercise and I want to give you the blueprint and support so you don’t have to go it alone.

I remember exactly what it feels like to put all of your mental energy into your health and fitness goals while trying to live a full and meaningful life and to wonder why you can’t create results that last. Falling on and off the healthy lifestyle wagon was an exhausting process that taught me a lot about eating smart, doing efficient exercise and setting better emotional boundaries.

You see, our efforts should leave us feeling fitter, with more self-esteem and feeling like we have a blueprint that actually works in our busy lives.

That’s why I started the Blast Fitness Coaching Club in 2014, so you can overcome the struggle of creating healthy habits to make an impact that lasts.

I built a home where women could learn how to balance their hormones, see muscle definition and sustainable, healthy fat loss in an enjoyable manner. In the Coaching Club, we believe that transformation occurs when you learn more about YOURSELF, SIMPLIFY your strategies, and have more SUPPORT.

You can change the direction of your life as a member of the Blast Fitness Coaching Club.

It's Time to

make yourself a priority again and…

What I did get was more than I could have expected - a community of likeminded, positive women that band together with the aim of improving themselves both inside and out. With nuggets of information provided on an ongoing basis focusing on the mind, body (both exercise and nutrition), and spirit as well as the odd kick your butt challenge, I’ve gained more knowledge and self / body awareness than I could have ever imagined.

- Trish P, Member Since July 2014

Besides becoming a part of a community of strong, supportive and like-minded women, the most valuable thing the Blast Fitness Lifestyle club has given me is a set of tools.  I learned how to eat smarter (without having to cut out chocolate), how to exercise smarter (sometimes in only 20 minutes!) and how to be compassionate with myself. Because of Blast Fitness I am now hooked on lifting heavy and getting sweaty, and feel strong inside and out!

- Robin T, Member Since May 2014

When you join

The Blast Fitness Coaching Club, you’ll receive the following goodies every 30 days

You'll receive your bonuses on our password protected membership site as soon as you sign up, and access to the full Coaching Club site on September 1, 2021. The next club opening will be in September 2021.



OR, a 4 month membership of $297 every 4 months. 



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Joining the club has given me more confidence in myself and my ability to trust myself! I used to binge eat and then punish myself with too much exercise. I have learned through Lana and the lifestyle club that you need to work hard but you also need to rest and relax in life and with food choices.

- Susan Dahl, Member Since May 2014

I had no idea that it would be so life changing and fun! Lana has created an online community for women that incorporates, not only healthy living through exercise and diet, but also positive mindset, and strength (both body & mind). I'm able to apply Lana's knowledge and teachings to my own lifestyle, as well as to the teenagers I coach in skiing. I love the product Lana has developed and the flexibility and sustainability it provides.

- Jennifer C, Member Since May 2014

Perfect For

The Blast Fitness Coaching Club is for women who want to:

Return to Sweat

(Women who want to get back into regular exercise)

For women who have some exercise experience and want to get back into regular weight training, we focus on how to perform basic strength training moves properly. A program that builds strength, and safely challenges your upper body, lower body and core. We’ll focus on creating consistent exercise habits that last months and years.

Level Up

(Women who exercise regularly and want to take their results to the next level)

For women who exercise regularly but want to see more physical results from their training. A program that combines safe and effective weight training for injury prevention, tons of advanced exercises for better results and the magic ingredient, intensity! You’ll see more muscle definition with less time in the gym.

I believe that strength training has the power to shift your body and mind in a powerful way. It's changed my life and the lives of hundreds of the women who work with me. Now it's your turn to put yourself back on the priority list and build a body and mind you love.

I fully believe in this program and have put my training and experience to use in creating the workouts, recipes and resources. All I ask is that you give your best effort in completing the suggested program. If you’re not happy in the first 30 days I’ll give you full refund. That's right! No questions asked! Just contact our team and we'll issue a full refund.

After I Sign Up

For The Blast Fitness Coaching Club, what's next?


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You’ll receive an email confirmation
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You’ll get immediate access
to our 5 Day Jumpstart Program and Sneak Peek Workouts. Your first month of content arrives on Dec 30th.


You’ll join hundreds of women
who are putting their fitness goals and wellness as a priority in their lives.

You deserve to have a body you love on the inside and outside... You don't have to be confused about what to eat in order to see the physical results you are craving. You don’t have to be mentally and physically exhausted at the end of every day. You CAN feel purposeful in your workouts and empowered in your body.

I want to help you BELIEVE in yourself again. Walking you through the steps of creating a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food and exercise is my life’s mission. I know this journey is life changing, and I’m so excited for you to join me.

Your cheerleader,

Lana Osborne-Paradis

Sign up for the Blast Fitness Coaching Club and reap the benefits of eating and exercising smarter, not harder.

The next Club opening will be in September 2021.

Yearly Plan  



4 Month Plan  



Frequently Asked Questions

I know you’ve got questions. I’ve got the answers!

To complete the Coaching Club workouts you will need a variety of dumbbells, a mini band, a large exercise tubing or super band, an exercise ball, a mat, and an exercise bench or sturdy surface like an aerobic step, stair or box.

The time commitment for this program is 3-5 workouts per week plus stress reducing activities like slow outdoor walks and mobility stretch flows. You can modify the program as you need, but you’ll see best results with strength training at least 3 times per week.

Yes! Many of our members are runners and cyclists. They enjoy the muscle building, injury preventing benefits of our strength workouts. We work to personalize your training schedule via our private Facebook coaching group.

We have sample meal plans to help you begin to craft a way of eating that works for your lifestyle, preferences and personality. We do not have specific, personalized meal plans. The Coaching Club is about creating the mentality of eating healthy for life. We do not follow specific diet dogma, and instead work at providing you a variety of tools to kick cravings, have more energy and balanced hormones.

Yes. A number of our members cannot eat gluten, dairy or other foods. The recipes are not all gluten and dairy free, but many of them are. We focus a lot on mindset as it relates to nutrition to help create lasting healthy habits and less binge-ing.

Yes! Many of our members work one on one with a trainer in person or are members of a gym. The Coaching Club program is a great additional benefit to these services as we work on nutrition, training and mindset. You’ll have access to workouts for home, travel and the gym along with recipes and tons of learning opportunities to help you get more results.

Yes. About half of our members do their workouts from home with minimal equipment.

Yes. The monthly membership option can be cancelled at anytime. The yearly membership option can be cancelled after the first year.