How to ditch dieting and create healthy eating habits that last…

Even if you are frustrated and hopeless after trying every diet in the book… …or if you’re trying to improve your eating habits for the first time.

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The Balanced Meal Blueprint is a comprehensive eating guide to help you craft LASTING HABITS, learn simple and TRANSFORMATIVE eating strategies, and build TRUST in listening to your body's unique hunger cues.

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You’ve tried dieting, calorie counting and tracking every morsel of food. Just follow the rules they say. Just eat less, cut sugar, eat CLEANER, you’ll be good.

The problem? You get busy, overwhelmed and burnt out from trying to change too many variables at once. Being hungry all the time doesn’t help much either.

After a couple weeks (or days) of trying to eat perfectly, you get FED UP with your hunger, cravings, low energy and lack of results.

This is exactly where I found myself 8 years ago.

No matter how ‘clean’ I ate, or how much willpower I tried to use, I just could not figure out how to stick to eating healthily over the long term.

No matter what I tried, I kept running into the same three problems:

#1 Trying to eat less just left me hungry and hangry. I would always end up over-eating foods I didn’t even enjoy that much to fulfill my never-ending hunger.

#2 Cutting out foods I loved just increased my cravings even more. It felt like eating healthy was getting harder, not easier.

#3. I would constantly think about how I could return to food I loved when the diet was over, and could never imagine following a restrictive plan forever.

Until one day in 2012 when I finally got so sick and tired of the mental aerobics of trying to follow popular nutrition advice of clean eating, that I started to work to find another way.

I learned how to LISTEN and RESPOND to my body’s signals. 

I began to actually feed my body based on the hunger I was experiencing, and chose foods based on satisfaction, not restriction. 

I had a breakthrough! 

Within weeks my energy levels were stable, my hunger was fulfilled, my cravings were virtually non-existent, and I was starting to see my muscles more consistently (rather than only after eating a restrictive, clean diet for a few days in a row). 

My personal training clients started asking me what type of eating plan I was following. And when I responded with ‘it’s NOT a diet!’ they were intrigued.

I took what I learned about eating for satisfaction, building balanced meals, and reducing cravings and actually eating to fulfill my hunger and began to teach it to my personal training clients. Then I turned the system into a program called...

The Balanced Meal Blueprint is a comprehensive healthy eating program that teaches you how to read your hunger cues, balance your hormones, and eat for SATISFACTION so you’re never using willpower as your main adherence tool.

Get instant access to the Balanced Meal Blueprint!

Total Value $226 CAD

Today’s Price $47 $27 CAD

The Balanced Meal Blueprint is the ideal program for women who want to ditch dieting for good and gain clarity on how to work with their body rather than against it.

Here's a glimpse of the transformative lessons our participants are learning in the Balanced Meal Blueprint:

You'll learn how to:

Listen to your body’s biofeedback cues, so you work WITH your hunger not against it (No more starving your way through a diet plan)

Build balanced meals with a variety of delicious foods to build muscle and boost your energy. (Say goodbye to boring and bland meals and snacks)


Avoid dietary restriction by learning how to eat with taste and satisfaction in mind. (No more calorie counting, going sugar free, or eliminating your favourite foods)


Gain the mindset tools needed to eat well for the long term. (Quit jumping on and off the healthy eating wagon every weekend)

Get instant access to the Balanced Meal Blueprint!

Total Value $226 CAD

Today’s Price $47 $27 CAD

The Balanced Meal Blueprint is by far the best literature I have ever read regarding eating habits and mindset! I was definitely on the track of all or nothing and this really helped me shift the way I think about food. Your concept of eating for satisfaction is truly mind blowing! I have become more creative (and colourful) with what I eat and am enjoying my meal planning for the week.

- Suzanne M.

Thank you for this terrific program. And I LOVED glimpsing into your history – so credible to know you have struggled with food too!”

– Connie T.

Hi girlfriend!

I’m Lana Osborne-Paradis, a personal trainer, mom of two, and creator of the Balanced Meal Blueprint. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 15 years and have a deep love for teaching women to eat in a way that helps them break free of the old rules, and empowers them to tune into their unique body cues.

Training and nutrition are my passion, which is why I have a degree in Exercise Science and multiple training certifications to my name.

My GOAL is to help women eat for SATISFACTION, feel EMPOWERED and take the confusion out of eating healthily.

Just ask my clientele...

Get instant access to the Balanced Meal Blueprint!

Total Value $226 CAD

Today’s Price $47 $27 CAD

What’s inside The Balanced Meal Blueprint Program?

Balanced Meal Blueprint Booklet (Value $47)

This 43 page booklet teaches you how to tune into your body’s biofeedback cues so your eating strategy is personalized and effective. You’ll learn how to balance your hormones and eat with satisfaction, not restriction as the main goal.

20 Simple, healthy and delicious recipes (Value $27)

These recipes follow our Balanced Meal Formula and include tasty options you’ll be making again and again including Apple Oat Pancakes, Halibut Lettuce Wraps, Stuffed Chicken Breast with Parsnip Fries and more.

Balanced Meal Formula Sheet (Value $17)

Get rid of the guessing game when making meals and snacks with this simple and effective Meal Building Formula. You’ll learn which aspects of your meal are worth counting and how to spend your mental energy wisely.

3 Day Sample Meal Plan
(Value $27)

Gain confidence on your Balanced Meal Blueprint journey with this 3 day sample meal plan. You’ll see suggestions for how to plan your day around your workouts with meals, snacks and hydration included.

Eating On The Go Handout
(Value $17)

This helpful handout outlines the most important goals for eating on the go. At a restaurant, airport or gas station? We’ve got you covered for healthy eating options anywhere.

Salad Builder Checklist
(Value $17)

This handy little checklist will ensure you have the tools to build delicious salads you’ll love to eat.  Transform dull, lifeless salads into satisfying meals with these tips and tricks.

Plus, These Bonuses:

BONUS: Balanced Mind Guide (Value $17) Jumpstart your mind and body for better results with this 8 page guide on common mindset roadblocks. You’ll enhance your emotional wellness as you learn to integrate emotions and actions effectively.
BONUS: 21 Day Implementation Journal (Value $57) Increase your success with this daily food, water and biofeedback tracking system. Gain insight into how food affects your mood and energy when you learn how to tune into your body’s signals each day.

Total Value $226 CAD

Today’s Price $47 $27 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required to implement the strategies in the Balanced Meal Blueprint?
Once you download the program booklet and bonuses, you’ll need to set aside 60 minutes to read through the materials and learn the basics. Then, be prepared to commit 10-15 minutes a day for the first 3 weeks to use the 21 Day Implementation Journal. The goal of the program is not to spend all your time prepping food, but we do focus on eating mostly whole foods, so some food preparation time can be expected.
How fast can I expect to see results?
You can expect to see improvements in energy and mood in the first few days. The goal of this program is not to lose weight drastically or quickly. This is a life long strategy to eat in a way that you don’t want to take a break from.
I have tried every diet out there, is this different?
The Balanced Meal Blueprint program is not a diet. It is a set of strategies to learn to listen to your body’s hunger signals and cues. It is an educational plan to learn how food affects energy, hormones and moods. You’ll learn which aspects of food are helpful to track and count in the short term, while moving away from spending your mental energy on recording over the long term.
I’m a post-menopausal woman, is this product applicable for me?
Yes! This program is incredibly helpful for post-menopausal women. The eating strategies are designed to assist in building muscle, balancing blood sugar and improving sleep quality.
Do I need expensive food or supplements to follow this program?
No. There are no specific foods you must eat or supplements to purchase.
What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

If you have questions or get stuck, feel free to email for help.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes. All the materials contained in the Balanced Meal Blueprint are available for download instantly upon purchase.

Can the Balanced Meal Blueprint be accessed without the internet?

Once you have downloaded your booklet, implementation journal and mindset guide, you can use the materials without accessing the internet.

The Balanced Meal Blueprint Guarantee

 If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Balanced Meal Blueprint Program, the strategies or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to implement the materials and experience the tools inside the Balanced Meal Blueprint and then make a decision based on the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.


Get instant access to the Balanced Meal Blueprint!

This Price Won’t Be Around Forever…

This offer is a limited time deal, so grab your copy before July 5th! Stop wasting your mental energy by jumping on and off the healthy eating bandwagon each week, and learn how to eat for satisfaction, health and results, starting today.








Are you ready to tune in and get more clarity on how to eat well, for life?

Listen, you know what it feels like to be so frustrated that you’re looking to start yet another diet. You know how life draining and restrictive most diets are once you’re a few weeks in. It’s time to stop the madness and quit the on and off the wagon eating habits for good.

Gain freedom, ease and confidence in your ability to tune into your body’s signals. Learn how to work with your physiology, not against it. And get back to getting enjoyment out of meal time once again.

Let’s get started!

Your Cheerleader,
Lana Osborne-Paradis

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